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Play texas holdem game at an online poker room. Download texas holdem software and join a texas holdem poker table. Play limit, pot limit and no limit texas holdem.

How to Play Texas Holdem

  1. The Players to the left of the Dealer begin the game by posting the blind bets. The Player on the Dealer’s left posts a small blind bet, and the Player on the Small Blind’s left posts a big blind bet.Note: The Dealer’s position at the table changes after every game. The dealer button (D) shows the Dealer’s position at the table.
  2. Two pocket cards are dealt to each Player.
  3. In the first round, the Player to the Big Blind’s left plays first and can either:
    • Fold
    • Bet
    • Raise


    • In the first round, betting is capped at one bet and three raises per Player.
    • Players cannot Check in the first betting round because the Blinds are bets, not antes.
  4. In the second round, three community cards are dealt. This is called the Flop. A round of betting follows, and Players can either:
    • Check
    • Fold
    • Call
    • Raise
  5. In the third round, a fourth community card is dealt. This is called the Turn. Another round of betting follows.
  6. In the fourth round, a fifth and final community card is dealt. This is called the River Card. The final round of betting follows. The remaining Players then use their two pocket cards and the five community cards to create the best five-card hand possible. The winner takes the pot.

Note: If two or more Players have the same hand, the pot is split equally between them.


To improve your chances of winning, use the following strategies:

  • Five of the total Seven-Cards are viewable on the second round of betting. This gives you a good idea of how strong your final hand could be.
  • To complete a possible winning combination, it is important to consider how the five community cards interact with your hidden hand.
  • Fold when necessary. You have not lost much if you have a worthless hand and decide to fold early in the game.

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