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Welcome to the home of Power Promotions. Based in the UK, we have been providing the whole world with every conceivable online casino promotional requirement. If you are looking for online casinos to visit or to become an affiliate and earn a great income, just have a look at our site!

Our Mission

Power Promotions are currently THE major UK and European online casino promoters. We are dedicated to becoming #1 in the world. Already, we have made major inroads in our online promotions, for many independent companies. We have an increasingly large number of clients who are delighted with the services we offer

Online Business Target Areas

Our major online business targeting priorities are threefold:

1. The promotion of Winter Marketing’s Internet Casinos and Online Gambling sites.
2. The promotion of the online casinos belonging to our clients.
3. Our Internet targets and strategies are designed to fully complement each of these indicated areas. This will allow Power Promotions to exploit the power of the Internet to it’s full potential allowing both existing clients and new users from all over the world to take advantage of the services offered by us.

Of course, we provide offline promotional services too, both for land-based and online Casinos.

About Power Promotions

Through our marketing efforts we have been able to achieve incredible success for our clients. To take a look at a list of our customers for online casinos click the “Clients” button.

We promote both 1 Casino Group online casinos and our clients through our unique marketing systems and from submission to directories, listings and the many search engines available on the web. Over 80% of web traffic is generally obtained through these engines.

We provide statistical analysis for the sites, along with meta-tag optimization as well as a portfolio of recommendations for paid advertising through banners and pay-per-click. It’s all part of the service. Don’t have a banner? No problem. The Power Promotions design team are on hand to produce your graphical requirements at a moments notice.

We can arrange advertising, tailored to your requirements, generated by banner or keyword. These are just 2 of the more popular sites for advertising in this way.

Our fees for our online promotional services are extremely competitive and we can accept payment in any of the following forms:

American Express
Automatic Bank Transfer
Bank Draft
Invoiced Cheque